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We have partnered with Stratus Legal Solutions (SLSCavityClaims) to ensure that the process of making a claim is quick and simple.
Stratus Legal Solutions process all initial client enquiries on behalf of Roscoe Reid for all Cavity Wall Claims.

Things To Know About your Cavity Wall Claim

Ideally you need to claim within six years of the Cavity Wall Insulation being installed. If the installation was earlier than that then we will need to know when you first had problems and what action if any, you took when you became aware of those problems.

We understand you may not have all the documents relating to your claim, but we would like to see what you do have.

These include:

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Please note that there may be issues if your Insulation has a guarantee from the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA), which issues 25-year guarantees. Salesmen often describe these as “Government guarantees”; they are not.

This is the industries own guarantee scheme and they are very uncooperative when it comes to claims. Under the CIGA scheme you have to try and resolve the problem with the installer first (if they are still in business). If you cannot resolve matters with the installer then you will have to contact CIGA in writing explaining your attempts to resolve the claim.

Have you or anyone who lives in your home become ill as a result of damp due to defective cavity insulation? If so, you or they may be able to claim compensation for “personal injury”.

Mould and damp can cause or aggravate chest related problems such as asthma, breathing trouble and bronchitis. Researchers for the European Respiratory Journal say that damp and mould can cause asthma as well as trigger attacks. The World Health Organisation has concluded that damp and mould in buildings can be associated with the development of asthma, aggravate existing asthma and eczema, as well as increasing various respiratory symptoms such as wheezing and coughing.

You will need to discuss any issues relating to your potential personal injury claim with one of our lawyers.

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