Boots Equal Pay Claims

Have you worked at Boots in the last 6 years? If so you could be entitled to a substantial back payment as a result of the Equal Pay Act. Register to find out more.

Due to the Equal Pay Act thousands of employees at supermarkets and retailers are entitled to claim back thousands of pounds in Equal Pay

Are you eligible for a claim?

At Roscoe Reid our aim is to help claim back the money owed to low paid and unfairly treated workers in the retail sector. Due to the recent developments in equal job evaluation many retailers now have to pay millions of pounds in higher wages and back pay to store staff, mainly women.

The Equal Pay team at Roscoe Reid will ensure that your voice is heard and provide your claim with as quick a turnaround as possible.

If you have any questions then please visit our FAQs page to find out more about our services and your equal pay rights.

  • 10,000+ employees are making equal pay claims against retailers

  • 10-20% is the likely average UK gender pay gap

  • £££ millions in equal pay claims against retailers

If you’re interested and think you’re eligible then please register today.

Are you eligible for a claim?

If you’re interested and think you’re eligible then please register today.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

The law on equal pay for men and women not only states that men and women should be paid the same for the same job, but also that they should be paid the same for doing work of equal value. This applies to pay and also to other terms and conditions, such as bonus payments, holidays and sick leave.

Claims currently brought against other retailers are based on the work of predominantly female store workers doing work of equal value to that of higher-paid, mainly male workers in distribution centres.

An employer must pay men and women equally, unless they can show a legally acceptable reason for not doing so. Such a reason could be, for example, that there is a market shortage of workers and the employer has to pay more to certain workers in order to attract enough people to keep their business running.

A comparator is a worker of the opposite sex who is paid more for the same job or work of equal value. Identifying a comparator is one of the ingredients needed to make a successful equal pay claim.

No, men working in the stores can claim too.

You can still claim so long as you left within the last 6 years.

The current campaign is for all store workers. You cannot make a claim if you work in the distribution centre.

Visit our FAQs Page for more answers

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