No Win No Fee Cavity Wall Insulation Claims

Many people are claiming thousands of pounds of compensation for incorrectly installed Cavity Wall Insulation.

Have you had Cavity Wall Insulation installed in your property? Has there been no improvement to your energy consumption? If so, you could be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation.

We have partnered with Stratus Legal Solutions (SLSCavityClaims) to ensure that the process of making a claim is quick and simple. Stratus Legal Solutions process all initial client enquiries on behalf of Roscoe Reid for all Cavity Wall Claims.

Roscoe Reid Guarantees That You Will Keep 100% Of The Compensation

Unlike other firms that you may have seen Roscoe Reid guarantees that you will keep 100% of the compensation we recover for you for your Cavity Wall Insulation Claim.

Cavity Wall Insulation is the process of filling the cavity between the interior and exterior wall of a building with a filling that stops the movement of air. The objective is to prevent heat loss, thus reducing the cost of heating the home.

The drive to install Cavity Wall Insulation began with a Government scheme in the mid-1990s as part of its “green commitments” and millions signed up without the knowledge that it could do more harm than good.

It is thought that over six million homes have undergone retro-fit Cavity Wall Insulation after being marketed as a solution to make homes more energy efficient.

Despite its promise, some who had Cavity Wall Insulation fitted are experiencing problems due to poor installation or improper checks beforehand.

Research has revealed that Cavity Wall Insulation may not been effective in 25% of cases and that there were problems in half of the homes surveyed.

Are You Eligible for a Claim?

Are you experiencing damp walls, peeling wallpaper or rotting woodwork?
Perhaps you are noticing mould or fungus growth, condensation on windows or other cold surfaces and subsidence in your property?
If you are the primary homeowner and any of these apply then please make a claim today

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