Response to Ford EcoBoost Statement
October 1, 2018

Response to Ford EcoBoost Statement

Ford Motor Company has today released a statement in response to the Facebook and media campaign relating to safety issues with its EcoBoost engines.

Darren Smith, Partner at law firm Roscoe Reid which is representing hundreds of EcoBoost clients, has outlined his reasons why Ford’s statement does not address all of the issues or make an adequate offer of compensation to customers:

“We at Roscoe Reid do not believe that Ford’s actions are either something new nor do they really address the scale of the problem. There are more than 3,000 members of the Ford EcoBoost Nightmare Facebook group with over 1,250 vehicle registrations, many of them for post-2013 vehicles to which Ford’s offer does not apply.

“The offer to pay 100% of the repair costs does not seem to take into account the cost to a victim for inconvenience while their car is off the road, concerns about using the car even if it has been repaired, or that in some cases, customers have lost the entire value of the vehicle because they were unable to pay towards the costs of the repairs Ford refused to fund.  In other cases, customers have had to sell their car at a loss when repayment of motor finance costs is taken into account.

“Many of these customers should also be compensated for the stress and inconvenience caused due to Ford’s intransigence in the face of hundreds of driver complaints.  We have heard many comments since Ford made this offer and fully agree and understand why people with these cars are still so angry about the attitude and poor customer care they have shown in this matter.”

If you have suffered an EcoBoost engine failure, please join the campaign for full compensation and not just the refund of repair costs at

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